Shiho Kanamaru

仕掛人 Organizer

Having helped co-found one of Montreal’s hidden culinary gems, Restaurant Toroli, a critically acclaimed Japanese-French fusion restaurant, together with her food enthusiast friends back in 2010, Shiho Kanamaru is now moving on to begin taking on a new challenge to create a community of tea enthusiasts to share the joy of tea.  Recalling the positive comments by the clients at the restaurant, when they experienced her unique selection of teas, convinced her to undertake this new adventure.


Simply wanting to create a space to share her passion and joy of tea with other tea enthusiasts, Shiho launched this unique website, on a snowy Montreal December day in 2013 to post a blog following her journey of tea exploration and to distribute the teas she discovered along the way, so that the readers can sample them on their own and leave comments with their experiences as well.


Shiho believes that tea relaxes, stimulates, helps focus, and keeps everyone young.