Oolong oolong oolong.... how many shades can you offer!!

It's all grey and quiet in the alley of plateau Montreal where my first store just opened 3 weeks ago.  Looking for something to lift my spirit, I pulled out several shades of oolong to taste.  And, the green oolong I just got last trip to Rui Sui Taiwan is the winner of the day!!!  As soon as I pour hot water onto the tea leaves, sweet and gentle lily like aroma envelopes me with the powerful touch to your palate to shake your spirit up!!!  It certainly worked...  I am brewing another pot with the same leaves,,, well I think this one is my 3rd infusion, it still carries powerful note to keep my spirit afloat.  The finishing signature process of oolong making is the rolling and roasting, this one is just lightly done.  Leaves are bright beautiful green curled up in rather large balls than other dark roast oolong.  The other end of the spectrum of shades of oolong is reg oolong, fermented fully like black tea, but, rolled and roasted like oolong, master of red oolong, Lien Ji played with the late harvest autumn tea leaves, and made special version of red oolong.  I just did the tasting again, oh, this one is so sophisticated, that first brew you don't know what you are getting, just slight earthy note and slight mature lily aroma, but, very subtle, with a subtle undertone of pan roasting, Lien JI's signature. .... well, this works to peacefully settle my brilliantly lifted spirit for the afternoon.  Now, I may go back to straight forward sencha green tea to bring my spirit back from day dreaming.


Posted on June 21, 2015 .