Journey into Shincha season....

April 4, 2014

Journey into Shincha season....

So I am about to take off for one-month exploration in search of my dream Shincha in Asia next Tuesday.  

In the island of Kyushu, spring flowers are almost at the end of their peaks, and getting ready for the new leaves to grow.  Tea orchard will soon start to look like a pale green carpet.  I asked one of the tea farmer in the mountain range in the southern region of Kyushu island where the natural harvest season is still respected as oppose to the commercially cultivated teas in the low grounds, to let me camp out in the field just to feel the whole air and environment that nurtures the best quality teas.

The tea from the region is so green, so fresh, and so rich in flavor, that I just want to be able to embrace this unique opportunity.

There is more than just the best plant in making the best green tea.  Artisanal technique of blending and roasting has a lot to do with the quality of the finished tea.  

So I am determined to discover the master tea blender and roaster behind the great teas, as well as the plants that make it to the hands of these masters.

Questions I have to ask when I meet the great masters would be:

Would you roast new harvest to make Hoji cha?  
(That would be such an avant-garde approach to tea making, but I want to provoke....)

What is the key taste profile you strive to achieve?  
(I doubt they will tell me, but maybe some hint????)

Would you want to create great Gyokuro?  Or would you rather want to create something newer?

Well, let’s see what this journey take me.  I will pack a few teas from past collections that I loved, and to examine further what is it that makes my curiosity fire up....

Posted on April 4, 2014 .