What's hot to pair with your shincha?

So I am back from one month journey in Japan.  I discovered incredible amount of passion still exists among tea makers and farmers, despite the declining market demand and threat of mass produced cheaper tea flooding the market.  Well, I am not here to fight or advocate for anything,  but until if ever.... the great true tea disappears.... I am going to keep chasing and sharing it all with you fans!!!!

Today, I am looking at the beautiful Gyokuro from Yame, and just thought to to "dress" something to pair it with it.  One tea maker described to me the tea from Yame, in particular, Yabe, the region with red clay soil as "Otoko", masculine.  What it means it seems, that has real deep colour and powerful flavour, as oppose to feminine Gyokuro from Sandy terrain.  Feminine ones yield bright yet soft beautiful colour, just so beautiful to look at with soft flavour.  Now, that's Gyokuro from Hoshino.  As Gyokuro from Hoshino is rather main stream, and you can find it easily, I am sticking to my taste for powerful Otoko kind.

I made pretty to look at, yet yummy to eat, Ichigo Daifuku, a rice cake stuffed with sweet red bean paste and fresh strawberry.  The combination of slight sourness with clunky texture, wrapped around with soft and delicate sweet red bean paste, enclosed in a chewy kochi, rice cake, pot one whole thing in your mouth, and you go "....yyuummmmmmmmm".   

If I get around to it in time and with right material, I will make them to serve with my Otoko Gyokuro this coming events.   Once I master the recipe I will publish it, so that you can try to make it on your own, to accompany your Gyokuro!! Spend your money on tea, save on desert!!! this time!!!  Cheers to all tea lovers!!

Posted on May 20, 2014 .