Icho, the mystery of wilting and oxidation, quiet trend

So it was again the group of enthusiastic tea professionals in Shizuoka and Tokyo that demonstrated incredible passion for innovation and new tea.

I am just doing final adjustment on labeling and sorting my tea collection for the local pop-up store coming up starting this weekend.  Then, I just re discovered from the mount of teas I purchased from this one month trip back in Japan.  The tea is called Sofu.  It’s a lightly wilted or oxidized tea that follow the production process similar to making Oolong and black tea, just in the different degree.  Harvested teas are let sit quietly in the shelves in the shade for a day or so, to let the enzyme do some work.  This is almost sacrilegious to Japanese green tea making, however, a group of tea makers started experimenting trying to find a way to make new teas.  The result is... this tea naturally has a scent of Jasmine.  No oil or flower or any other herbs added, just by selection of tea plants, terrain, and Icho process.  

 Next trip back to Japan in late June, I am going to find where and how this tea is made.  

I only bought 25g at a tea store in Akabane, Saitama.  I am going to share this tasting with the participants on May 31.  I am so excited!!  Look for my next blog with my tasting result.

Posted on May 28, 2014 .