Fun with tea... black tea naturally taste like twizzler!

On the first tasting event the staff introduced me to many regional teas, but one that is very unique was black tea called “red jade black tea”, claimed to have natural overtone of cinnamon and mature tropical fruit.  

It sure did have unique flavor I ever tasted, to me it was very much like the taste of anise or root beer.  They did not know what the root beer was.  I went back to my hotel room and opened the licorice flavored Twizzlers that I bought for my friends daughter in Japan, but, I just wanted to have these people at the tea institute know what I meant by the flavor.  Next morning I went for the 2nd formal tea tasting session at the institute and gave the licorice candy.  They nodded each other in agreement that it tasted like Chinese anise.  I drove 400km yesterday from Taitung along the southern coastal high ways of Taiwan, and came back to Chiayi near Arishan another tea region.  And this morning, I am heading out to Sun Moon Lake and Yuchi to find this licorice flavor tea.  

Posted on August 23, 2014 .