Never thought I would make matcha so casually....

I like coffee in the morning,,, very strong one to wake up with.  And one in the afternoon... to get a caffeine kick you need to get you through the day.  But, I kind of learned, matcha is a great alternative.. which I never thought matcha can exist outside of that small square of a chashitsu (Japanese tea room used for tea ceremony).  But, here I am, in the kitchen, casually playing with matcha experimenting how best to make soft matcha green tea without adding any sugar or milk to make it palatable.  Yes you can.  Like the farmer in Kyoto showed me, use small amount of cold water first to mix matcha powder to make it into a smooth paste before adding hot water.  You can add small or large amount of hot water based on your liking, just like your taste in espresso or turkish coffee.  Here you have nice bowl full of antioxidant and ECGC that promote your metabolism.

Also process of making matcha is a good meditating tool.  Like Yoga, it has steps to follow and easy tools to guide you through the steps.  Take out the container of matcha powder, and chasaji bamboo tea spoon, scoop out one heaping spoon full of matcha powder, put it in the bowl gently, tap at the edge of the bowl to mark this action.  Put down the spoon, close the container.  Pour 1 table spoon of cold water over the tea powder, using the bamboo tea whisk, whisk to make the matcha paste.  Once the paste is smooth and no clump, add 1/4 cup of hot water (or less or more as you like it), whisk briskly to beat in the air to make matcha foam form in the bowl covering the tea.  Once foam covers the tea surface, you are ready, stop whisking, make one last circular motion bring the whisk slowly out of the bowl, by pulling in angle touching one side of the whisk at the edge of the bowl until you reach the wet part.  Let the whisk stand on the table upside down while you drink your matcha.  Burry your face in the bowl, enjoy the aroma, steam and taste and all of the matcha.  .... I virtually went through the matcha process just now... hmmmm was nice.  Get yourself a proper tools, if you are missing any one of the tool, we have one on our online store.  They are all user friendly and very accessible.  Hope you find all you need and start enjoying your matcha moment, like I do.  Cheers and happy tea time!

Posted on January 11, 2015 .