Jul 30

7月は茶道楽で精進 Brunch Shojin

Take a shojin break at Cha Do Raku in July.  Every suncay, Cha Do Raku will offer Shojin (zen style vegetarian cuisine), simple and sophisticated and full of beauty and flavrours delicately woven in the dish.  Explore and discover the spirit of zen here at Cha Do Raku.  The dishes are all prepared with all organic, vegan and gluten free material.  

Soyez shojin chez Cha Do Raku en juillet. Chaque dimanche , un brunch shojin sera servi (repas végétarien et sans gluten accompagné de thé biologique). Cha Do Raku propose sa propre version de la traditionnelle cuisine shojin. Inspiré de la cuisine française, les plats d’esprit shojin offert vous feront découvrir toutes sortes de saveurs, de textures, et des sensations uniques et exquises. Faites une pause shojin à l’oasis Cha Do Raku tout en prenant soin de l’esprit et du corps. Venez à pied et emmagasinez la beauté sur votre chemin. Il y aura deux services: Un premier de 11h à midi et demi, Puis, un second  de 13:30 à 15h tous les dimanches de juillet. S’il vous plaît, réservez votre place. Confirmer votre présence par courriel : info@Cha-doraku.com. Veuillez spécifier la date, l’heure et le nombre de personnes. Vous pouvez aussi laisser vos informations à la boutique en personne.  

7月は心身共に精進します。よろしくお願いします。     茶道楽店主/志保

Brunch de thé Shojin

****Végane, sans gluten et biologique****                              

Les dimanches Des plats d’inspiration Shojin fabriqués avec des  ingrédients entièrement biologiques (sans gluten) apparier à des thés biologiques. Des saveurs inspirées de la cuisine française, des textures et une présentation d’esprit Shojin. Prenez une pause shojin à l'oasis de Cha Do Raku.

Veuillez confirmer votre réservation par courrier électronique à info@cha-doraku.com veuillez préciser la date, l'heure et le nombre de personnes.

9 juillet     service I: 11: 00-12: 30  service II: 13: 30-15: 00

6 juillet    service I: 11: 00-12: 30  service II: 13: 30-15: 00

23 juillet    service I: 11: 00-12: 30  service II: 13: 30-15: 00

30  Julliet    service I: 11: 00-12: 30  service II: 13: 30-15: 00

35 $ / personne


Dessert Shojin du samedi

Chaque samedi, il y aura un dessert spécial shojin (biologique, végétalien et sans gluten) à 7.50$: offre limitée de 10 portions seulement chaque samedi (le  thé n’est pas inclus). Veuillez réserver votre part par courriel à info@cha-doraku.com

8 juillet,   15 juillet , 22 juillet , 29 juillet   *l’heure d’ouverture 13:00-16:00

(exceptionnellement en juillet )


9:00 pm21:00

Tea Party under the Aurora, Cha Do Raku's dream comes true!

Cha Do Raku is hosting a fun fun fun event under the northern light.... hoping that Aurora will appear ... in time for the midnight tea party!!!  Well, let's cross our finger for Cha Do Raku's dream event....  Heading up north of BC with suitcase full of fragrant and flavourful teas.....  Event is all booked.

6:30 pm18:30

Cha Do Raku one year anniversary - special Temomi tasting night

We will celebrate Cha Do Raku's one year anniversary by sharing the extraordinary creation of one of her favourite tea maker, Mr. Hiruma's Temomi and his best student's Temomi tea considered one of the best in Japan.  We will appreciate the true Cha Do Raku moment with intimate environment around the big square table in the tea salon.  25$/person 5 people maximum.

6:30 pm18:30

Encore une fois avec Sencha - back to basics 煎茶

  • Boutique et Salon de thé Cha Do Raku

Quel est sencha? La meilleure façon d'insuffler? Quels sont la différence entre sencha du nord et celle du sud? Nous allons explorer le monde de sencha en profondeur en prévision de la nouvelle récolte à venir dans quelques mois.

What is sencha? How best to infuse? What are the differrence between sencha from the north and the one from the south? We will explore the world of sencha in depth in anticipation for the new harvest to come in a few month.



6:30 pm18:30

Kamairi - essayer d'infuser, de finiser (hiire) et de goûter...

We will explore once again the rare type of sencha from south of Japan, Kyushu, instead of steam to stop the oxidation which is a crucial step of production of Japanese green tea, Kamairi uses pan roasting by fire to stop the oxidation.  Result if sweeter, softer taste with beautifully preserved full green tea leave.  We will explore some made by the top Kamairi makers of Japan, some are unfinished, meaning still have greenness, so we can try to finish to your taste by roasting a bit in the Horaku (cray roasting pot) together.  And taste each other's version.  List of teas used will be announced the day before the class.  There will be some small bites to east your stomach as teas should not be taken in empty stomach.  

15$ per person

1:00 pm13:00

鏡びらき Kagami biraki - free zenzai, sweet and warm azuki bean soup with mochi

Cha Do Raku's first year with physical store presence passed well and to reflect on the prosperous days ahead and the past, we will clack to break our Kagami mochi (galette du riz gluant fait maison ) and make zenzai (sweet azuki bean soup with mochi in it to warm your body...)together.  Stop by if you are in the neighbourhood, I will be offering zenzai for free for all, to share the good spirit of the Oshogatsu..!!!!  


1:00 pm13:00

Osechi and tea with Cha Do Raku - Jan 3rd

  • boutique et salon de thé Cha Do Raku

cozy brunch event with osechi, mochi, tea and more.... to celebrate the new year!!

Cha Do Raku Osechi and tea brunch event Jan 3rd - Akemashite omedeto

Includes: Osechi platter, dessesrt, accompanying teas - new year theme brunch Cha Do Raku special

Sunday, Jan 3rd 1pm-3pm

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6:30 pm18:30

Tea workshop - matcha

  • Cha Do Raku

Explore a few different kind of matcha, learn easy trick to make matcha on your own, enjoy matcha with sweet japanese tea accompaniment

Indlude: 3 matcha to taste with accompaniments, lecture on how to make matcha, how the match is made and key information about matcha

15$ per person

12:00 pm12:00

L'atelier du dessert japonais II - mochi mochi mochi!!!

  • Boutique et Salon de Thé Cha Do Raku

We will make fresh mochi together .... using my mother's secret weapon... mochi making machine : ),,,, and once mochi is made, we will learn several different way of eating fresh mochi.  Zunda mochi (mochi with edamame), Isobe yaki (soy sauce and nori), ozoni and more, or your own creation... abekawa mochi (with kinako)

12:00 to 13;00pm

15$ per person  

Dec 5

family event to visit, store closes on 4th (Fri) and 5th (Sat) Dec.

Cha Do Raku is closed for 2days to celebrate the birthday of her precious niece in law in New York.  The store will close on the 4th (Fri) and the 5th (Sat) next week.  Will reopen on the 6th (Sun).  

Cha Do Raku est fermé pour deux jours pour célébrer l'anniversaire de son précieux nièce  à New York. Le magasin fermera le 4 (vendredi) et le 5e (SAT) de la semaine prochaine. Ouvrira le 6 (Sun).


2:00 pm14:00

Explore and learn to make your matcha sweeter

3 different matcha to taste, actual experience in preparing one, trick to make matcha softer in taste.  Discussion on how it's made, how it's marketed and more.

3 matchas to taste with some accompaniment.  12$/person

come join in the session on July 11 Sat from 2pm to 3pm.

*Cha Do Raku is leaving for Asia on 24th of July, coming back on 8th of August.

2:00 pm14:00

tea workshop - discover green tea a new perspective

5 teas to taste and compare the difference, key point in brewing green tea properly.  What make it green tea from Japan so unique and all.  

5 teas to taste with some accompaniment  12$/person

You can walk in, join us on Sat, 27th of June, next Saturday.

2:00 pm14:00

Tea tasting seminar with new harvest 2015

Let's get together tea friends!  Examine the 2015 harvest, and reminisce what we wowed over 2014, focusing on icho/oxidized green teas.  It will be held at Cha Do Raku tea shop, so seats are limited.... sorry, can only accommodate up to 10 people.

12$ per person 

1 hour session

Mar 5

Purchasing trip I 2015

Stock up on the premium teas that sold out... and check out the tea farmers turned up in recent search, to prepare for the new harvest reserve.

Nov 16

Cancelled - Pop up store - part II at Librairie Bonheur D'Occasion on Nov 15 (Sat) & Nov 16 (Sun)

Cha Do Raku pop up store is coming back to our neighbourhood book store again next weekend... just in time for your holiday gift shopping to begin????....????  Come have a taste of our teas and take a look to see how to impress your friends with your hidden tea knowledge!!!

Cha Do Raku will be in their gallery space in the back on 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun) of Nov, next weekend!!  See you all there!!!

Librairie Bonheur D'Occasion 
1317 avenue du Mont-Royal Montréal, QC H2J 1Y6
+1 514-522-8848
Rare Book Store