Yamabijin - Icho (hakko wakocha - amber finish)


Yamabijin - Icho (hakko wakocha - amber finish)

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Name: Yamabijin

Variety: Icho (hakko wakocha amber finish)

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki

Tea maker: Akira Miyazaki

Harvest: 2014

Plant variety: Yamanami (Miyazaki native variety)

When we were offered tasting, we were stunned with complexity and natural sweetness the tea achieved.  The only thing was they only had a few grams left in the tasting batch, the rest was this 2013 vintage.  Does not have the same sophistication, however, the complex layers of fragrance is present.  When you open the bag, you smells dark sweet wild honey, dark fruit preserves and hint of vanilla.  The brew is a beautiful blight but dark amber.  Strong overtone of mature honey on the nose with layer of wild flowers that brooms in late summer to automn, but, overwhelming tannin and acidity fill your pallate and clings to long finish that though you are atracted to the look, the scent and the possibility, but you know, you have to store away for now at least 6 months.


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I just tasted this again, after 3 months.  Matured nicely, softened the edge, added some sweetness to the tea.  Sweet fragrance invite you to the second cup, without any sugar added.

Maturity makes the tea more atractive.  Such an encouraging aspect for me to know maturity does not reduce quality but add complexity and atractiveness.  Taste a cup now and store away  for later to observe the maturity.

Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (2 heaping tea spoon) tea with 150ml water

*best with warm milk (3.5% or more fat content, skim or 2% milk or any lower fat content milk will probably do little to change the flavour...).  If you can not take milk, next best thing is to serve with 1/2 tea spoon or so of sugar to take the edge off of this tea for cozy tea moment.

1st infusion: at 100 C  for 3 min