Fusa Fusa - Icho (bihakko kamairi)


Fusa Fusa - Icho (bihakko kamairi)

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Name: Fusa Fusa

Variety: Icho (bi hakko kamairi)

Origin: Aoi, Shizuoka

Tea maker: Tatsuji Takahashi

Harvest: spring 2014 *handpicked

Plant variety: Koju

Koju has natual overtone of muscat grape with well balanced umami and a hint of mineral from roasting.  Koju is a tea plant that Takahashi-san has registered nationally as an official new variety of tea.  When slightly oxidated after harvest, the leaves start to release their muscat grape like aroma.  He further process these tea leaves by roasting at high heat to preserve their fragrance and flavor.  As it's roasted at high heat quickly, excess bittnerness and acidity are suppressed to emphasize the fruity sweet fragrance.  The natural sweetness and umami of the tea will balance well with the sweet muscat undertone.  It's a perfect accompaniment for your afternnon, when you want something to lift your spirit without ruining your appetite before dinner with sugar or too much flavor on your palate.



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This is a fragrant tea.  Rule of thumb is when brewing fragrant tea to bring out the scent, you brew with high temperature with shorter infusion time.  This one, recommended by Takahashi's dear wife, is to be brewed at 100C but for 1 1/2 min to benefit both the rich flavor and fragrance.

Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (2 heaping tea spoon) tea with 150ml water

1st infusion: at 100 C  for 1 1/2 min    

2nd infusion: at 100 C for 1 1/2 min    

3rd infusion:  at 100 C for 1 1/2 min  

*cold infusion for summer day treat

brew with 10g tea with 800 ml cold water    

infuse in the fridge for 6-10 hours