Ran-ochidé - icho kamairi


Ran-ochidé - icho kamairi

from 11.05

Name: Ran 

Variety: Icho kamairi

Origin: fujieda, shizuoka

Tea maker: tsutomu koyanagi

Harvest: spring 2015

Plant variety: Gykuran (variety of manipuri 132)

Tsutomu Koyanagi continues his father, MItsugi's passion for aromatic green tea.  Rich buttery velvety touch to your palette with the long complex floral note.  Finish is long, and the delicious hint of umami inspired taste lingers long after you drink the first sip.  I read about this legendary icho kamairi maker, Mitsugi Koyanagi in an old book dying to taste one made by him.  This has nice vanilla like scent when you first open the pack.  I found this is generally true for any good rich kamairi made with good tea leaves.  It's not just fragrant and soft, it's got the little kick of astringency and bitterness well balanced with the feminine floral note.  


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