Yama no sachi - white tea version


Yama no sachi - white tea version

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Name: Yama no sachi - white tea version

Variety: icho Kamairi white tea

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan

Tea maker: Akira Miyazaki

Harvest: 2014

Plant variety: zairai

Earlier this year, I was awestruck by Miyazaki's kamairi made with his zairai, wild tea plant mix from his mountain tea farm.  These tea plants are not filtered and controlled to one species, but, grown wild, so height and growth are uneven.  Which means, you can only harvest by hand.  So fragrant, so many layer of flavors and aromas, I just fell in love.  Only problem was he only had mere 200g.  This time, he had made white tea with zairai blend of tea leaves from his autumn harvest.  It is not as fragrant as his spring harvest, but, still very nice.  It is a bit softer on both flavor and fragrance.  Being the late harvest teas, it has warm and nutty flavor.  Being white tea, this will cool your body, as not much oxidation, fermentation nor roasting, so you may want this to be your cold remedy or to have to cool off your mind off from daily stress.  

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Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (handful) tea with 200ml water

1st infusion: at 100 C  for 1 1/2 min

2nd infusion: at 100 C for 1 1/2min