Hoji by Yoichi Koorogi


Hoji by Yoichi Koorogi

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Name: Hoji by Yoichi Koorogi

Variety: hojicha

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan

Tea maker: Yoichi Koorogi

Harvest: 2014

Plant variety: blend

Tea leaves grown on the mountainous area of Gokase are just so fragrant naturally, and with the artisanal touch of Yoichi who has been the leader in Kamairi, roasted green tea making in the region, this Hoji cha is a must have.  Very fragrant but hint of astringency, just to remind you of his signature of roasting technique, nicely balanced with the sweet roast.  Just try it a bit!  Low in caffeine, so nice for late night tea break before bedtime.

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Cover the bottom of the cup or tea pot with tea leaves, pour hot boing water over it to bring out the aroma, enjoy it, but, infuse just for 20 to 30sec.  Do not leave the tea leaves wet if you want to enjoy 2nd or 3rd infusion afterward!   

Brewing suggestion:

For serving 3-5 people/servings:

3 g /2 teaspoon with 240 ml hot water at 100C

1st infusion : at 100C for 30sec

2nd infusion : at 100 C for 30 sec

3rd infusion : at 100 C for 30 sec