Onoborisan - Hoji cha, Origin: Kyoto


Onoborisan - Hoji cha, Origin: Kyoto

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Name: Onoborisan

Variety: Hojicha, Kyoto 

origin: Kyoto

Tea maker: Uogashi Meicha

Harvest: 2015

Very aromatic, but soft and sweet roast, low in caffeine. Beautiful leaves and water colour.  Hoji cha is not usually curly and soft looking like this, but twig-like and straight having roasted tea stems from the harvested tea plant tips.  This hojicha contains much more leafy parts, yet is nicely and evenly roasted.  When you open the package, its incredible aroma jumps out to lure you.  Very impressive hojicha.
brew at : 95C for 15sec



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2 g per person/serving tea leaves / about 1 heaping tea spoon with 80 ml at 90-95C for 30 sec (15 sec for fresh light brew)

For serving 3-5 people/servings:

5 g /2 heaping teaspoon with 240 ml hot water 

1st infusion : at 90 to 95 C for 15 to 30 sec

2nd, 3rd infusion : same as 1st infusion

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