Arakure 2015 - Kamairi by Koorogi Yoichi, origin: Gokase, Miyazaki


Arakure 2015 - Kamairi by Koorogi Yoichi, origin: Gokase, Miyazaki

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Name: Arakure

Variety: Kamairi

Cultivar: Yabukita

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki 

Tea maker: Yoichiro Koorogi

Harvest: 2015

Production to processing, all done by Yoichi Koorogi. This is from the 2015 harvest, from the reserve stock that he made for his world tour with one of the tea company in Japan to demonstrate the finishing on site.  He did the tour with the group of professionals at their store in Los Angeles, Paris and their supplier in Sri Lanka and Darjeeling.  No secondary processing, blending or additional roasting is added to this tea.  Notice the deep yet bright green colour of this tea leaves. Delicate roast, soft tannin and sweetness, golden yellow, hint of soft mint, super delicate and full of surprises!!!
*This is "aracha"(unfinished tea, )meaning no secondary blending or roasting is applied to the tea leaves which most teas go through after leave farmer's hand to make it commercially accessible.  Chatting over tea, Koorogi-san pulled out his special reserve and sold some to me. Just beautiful!! Take this rare opportunity to enjoy this semi processed tea, his favorite state of tea!


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Brewing recommendation:

2 g per person/serving tea leaves / about 1 heaping tea spoon with 80 ml at 85C for 1 min 

For serving 3-5 people/servings:

5 g /2 teaspoon with 240 ml hot water at 95 - 100 C

1st infusion : at 95 - 100 C for 1 min

2nd infusion : at 100 C for 30 sec

3rd infusion : at 100 C for 30 sec

Brewing instruction when you don't have proper tea wares (this is a best tasting method if you are just testing the tea in small portion, you will be able to observe the tea leaves after infusion and tea liquor attentively):

  1. Prepare 2 coffee mugs and a stainer, if you do not have strainer, find a small plate that is large enough to cover the coffee mug that you are going to use to infuse tea. (Tea leaves are best brewed when allowed a lots of space to swim to wake up in to release all the scent and flavours.)
  2. Put the suggested amount of tea leaves for one infusion in one of the cup.
  3. Boll water.   Pour boiling water over the tea leaves. (given most coffee cups hold about 300-400ml, half should be just around 120-150ml, enough for one brew.  As tea leaves absorbs quite a bit, you will get about 100-120ml of tea liquor this way.) 
  4. Cover the cup with the plate and wait for 1 min. (or crumble about 30cm of aluminum foil into a ball just fit to cover the tea, fit inside the cup.  This will serve as a cover and the strainer.)
  5. Pour tea back into the other cup, using the strainer to hold the tea leaves, put the small plate or the crumbled aluminum foil, as if you are covering the cup and slide just enough to pour tea without pouring the tealeaves into the tea liquor.  

*Kamairi is really meant to get many infusions, 5 infusion is easily possible.  However, this one is "aracha" version, meaning have not gone through final finishing and roasting, so slightly milder than other Kamairi, you may want to just do 3 infusion with this.  Gentle golden brew, soft subtle sweetness, observe these beautiful individual leaves opens as you brew like a flower petals.  Many tea professionals fell in love with these leaves, bid for highest prize in the national competition last June, awarded 農林水産大臣賞  As original leaves are so high prized, that it was only blended with other leaves when hit the market, still very nice.  But, this is a rare opportunity to enjoy Koorogi's special tea leaves in original form, not blended.  Since this is Aracha format, prone to oxidation fast, please purchase small enough amount suited for your use, and please finish within 3-4 weeks (with proper storage away from sun and moisture).

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