Hokkori - Cha Do Raku original genmai cha blend, origin: Miyazaki

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Hokkori - Cha Do Raku original genmai cha blend, origin: Miyazaki

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Name: Hokkori

Variety: Genmai cha (Sencha blended with roasted rice)

Origin: Miyazaki

Tea maker: Cha Do Raku

harvest: 2014

Robust green sencha from Miyazaki blended with roasted rice.  Robust, abundant aroma. Unique and fun!!!  Key is to use hot water, with a short infusion, to emphasize the aroma of the toasty roasted rice and a touch of green in the background to enjoy.   


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2 g per person/serving tea leaves / about 1 heaping tea spoon with 80 ml at 90-95C for 30 sec (15 sec for fresh light brew)

For serving 3-5 people/servings:

5 g /2 heaping teaspoon with 240 ml hot water 

1st infusion : at 90C  for 1 min

2nd infusion : at 90C  30 sec

3rd infusion : at 90C 30 sec

Brewing instruction when you don't have proper tea wares (this is a best tasting method if you are just testing the tea in small portion, you will be able to observe the tea leaves after infusion and tea liquor attentively):

  1. Prepare 2 coffee mugs and a stainer, if you do not have strainer, find a small plate that is large enough to cover the coffee mug that you are going to use to infuse tea. (Tea leaves are best brewed when allowed a lots of space to swim to wake up in to release all the scent and flavours.)
  2. Put the suggested amount of tea leaves for one infusion in one of the cup.
  3. Boll water.  Pour boiling water to one of the cup, fill  about half way, and then pour into the other cup with tea leaves in them, gently pouring over the tea leaves.  (given most coffee cups hold about 300-400ml, half should be just around 120-150ml, enough for one brew.  As tea leaves absorbs quit a bit, you will get about 100-120ml of tea liquor this way.) 
  4. Cover the cup with the plate and wait for 1 min.
  5. Pour tea back into the other cup, using the strainer to hold the tea leaves or put the small plate as if you are covering the cup and slide just enough to pour tea without pouring the tealeaves into the tea liquor.  

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