The Kamairi by Yoichi Koorogi


The Kamairi by Yoichi Koorogi

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Name: The Kamairi by Yoichi Koorogi

Variety: Kamairi (pan roasted green tea)

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan

Tea maker: Yoichi Koorogi

Harvest: 2014

Plant variety: blend

Yoichi Koorogi is a champion of kamairi making whose technique is on the verge of disappearing into the historic archive.  But his Kamairi is assertive yet with strong sense of history and tradition.  On my most resent visit to his tea farm, he took out his most recent stash, the product of his playful experiment.  It is a revival of good old Kamairi, you just grab a handful of tea leaves, throw them into the pot, pour hot hot boiling water, to get all the good and bad of the mountain out in the second, and have a gulp and go "wow", "woo", "haa", with your friend.  This is not your daily tea, but, get a bit to spice up your tea cabinet!

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Brewing suggestion:
For serving 3-5 people/servings:
3 g /2 teaspoon with 240 ml hot water at 95 - 100C
1st infusion : at 100C for 1 min
2nd infusion : at 100 C for 30 sec
3rd infusion : at 100 C for 30 sec