Cha Do Raku will be featuring a mini tea demonstration at Halitatea cafe in Jerusalem

Cha Do Raku is super excited as Gabriel, a sweet sweet woman who runs specialized tea shop in tree lined chic part of Jerusalem agreed to host our mini tea demonstration on March 27.  If you are in the neighbourhood by any chance, please stop by to share the joy of tea!!!  Cha Do Raku is expecting special tea sample sent as we speak, from an artisanal tea farmer in Makinohara, Japan.  

What a exciting spring this is.  So much is happening that 24hours is just not enough to embrace them all!!!  

Most likely candidates for this tasting will be Kamairi by Koorogi, Sencha from Kirei en, Maccha from Koyamaen, White tea and Kabuse from Makino hare, and more.

Posted on February 17, 2014 .