Kamairi, finished without steaming, holds the future of Japanese tea?

Sure yes!  Here is what I saw and want to hear what you think....

Yoichi and Hitomi Koorogi are couple of passionate tea farmers, have been working together for years side by side.  Ideal couple shares the same passion toward craftsmanship of tea making, from growing tea to finishing the tea.  This year, they made kamairi with leaves from a small lot in their orchard, covering the plants for a few weeks sheltering from the strong sunlight to increase polyphenol.  Anytime you add some artificial effort by tea maker, tea plants suffer slight damage, but, as I learned during my recent trip, the very "pain" or "damage" to the plant only increases the attractive property of tea, like aroma as well as flavour, umami.  They made this for the competition scheduled in September.  Teas settle flavours in cold storage.  This is another thing I learned during this trip.  

Posted on June 6, 2014 .