Awaken at the foot of mount Fuji

Mr. Mitsugi Koyanagi was the first to have gotten media attention on his incredible creation of icho, oxidized sencha green tea, where majority of tea in the market was non oxidized.  Given that icho tea can not be mass produced, there were almost no tea vender would buy his tea, but, he kept on making believing in his creation of this beautifully crafted sencha with subtle scent of wisteria flower.  His tea garden being on the mountain, the harvest is just about the time when wisteria blooms and mountain is full of wild oak tree flowers.  My mother describes this spring mountain with large patches of light beige as "mountain is laughing".  So today was a beautiful sunny day to witness full of mountain laugh and flowers.  Mr Koyanagi was in the process of finishing his black tea version of this tea.  

He kindly accepted my unannounced abrupt visit, showed me his equipment.  While he continued with his tea making, I asked to visit his tea garden just behind his house... He said to follow the rail for tea carrier along the steep hill, so I did.  After about 10 min of short yet sharp hike, I reached his moderate size tea garden, just been harvested.  Along the way, I smelled this sweet scent in the air very familiar... On the hike down, I spotted some kind of citrus trees just like pomelo flowers I saw many in Rui Sui, Taiwan.  Maybe it's just an coincidence,, but, I saw pomelo flowers in Rui Sui where the sweet and fragrant honey black tea is produced.   

Most of all, I was touched by generosity and kindness of Mr. Koyanagi, a humble tea maker.  I would have to wait for another 10 days or so to receive his tea as the teas are being made.  He gave me a small bag of samples from last year.  The scent was so so incredibly elegant and sweet.  I am dying to try this when I reach my home in Miyazaki with my mother.

I just experienced nice sweet kindness yet again through teas.  I just wanted to share this moment with you all tea lovers.

Posted on May 6, 2015 .