Ibuki - Gyokuro, origin: Kuroki, Yame, Fukuoka

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Ibuki - Gyokuro, origin: Kuroki, Yame, Fukuoka

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Name: Ibuki

Variety: Gyokuro 玉露

Origin: Kuroki, Yame, Fukuoka

Tea maker: Shozaburo Matsuo

Harvest: 2014

Dainty yet beautiful leaves, this Gyokuro from Yame is described by tea professionals as "bijin", a beautiful woman.  Small and large grain.  Softer green compared to Gyokuro from Kyoto.  Leaves for Gyokuro and Matcha require same technique of "kabuse", covering the tea leaves at early growth about 40 days before the harvest.  Whereas Uji, Kyoto is known for making the best quality Matcha, the Yame region focuses on making the best Gyokuro.  Gyokuro from Yame has well balanced presence of sweetness, umami as well as astringency and bitterness to accentuate the umami.  Kuroki is where the tea production in Yame region originated. The Matsuo tea orchard grows this tea near Reigan-ji temple where the first tea plant in the Yame region was planted by zen buddhists in 1423.



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Brew at 40C, for 3 min (*for those likes the stronger brew, try 5 min)

4g per person/cup with 80ml (8g per pot with 180ml warm water at 40C) in order to extract the Umami.  

For best result:

5 g /100 ml water  *serves about 4 to 5 cups of 10 ml servings each brew 

*often recommended to brew 8g with 50ml water, but, I find less tea with bit more water works well for this kind to start.  If you would like stronger brew, reduce the water by half.

1st infusion : at 40C brew for 3minutes  each serving at 10ml

2nd infusion : at 60C brew for 1 minutes 

3rd infusion : at 70C brew for 1 minutes

*after 3rd infusion, you can serve the tea leaves with little soy and vinegar or salad dressing.

You can brew with ice for fun.  Place recommended amount of tealeaves in a small tea pot, place an ice cube over sip as it brew, drop by drop.  

10g pack - $7

50g pack - $25

100g pack - $50