Idomi - Matcha, origin: Uji, Kyoto


Idomi - Matcha, origin: Uji, Kyoto


Name: Idomi

Variety: Matcha  抹茶 

Origin: Uji, Kyoto

Tea maker: Cha Do Raku 

Harvest: 2015

*Koicha grade (formal tea ceremony grade)

Elegant light green, rich yet light in tannin, soft and subtle sweetness and umami, medium finish.
approx. 1 g (1/2 teaspoon per shot) whisk with 50 ml water at 85-95 C

No sampler size package available for Matcha.  


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For quality control, this product is available in 20g pack only.

0.5g to 1g  per serving.  Whisk with 30-50ml of hot water at 90C.

*for best result, mix suggested amount of tea in a pot, add 1/2 to 1 tea spoon cold water, mix well to make smooth paste before adding hot water to complete the process.  This way, you will avoid leaving any clump of teas in the bowl.  Sift matcha before use for best result.  If you are confident and have the right tool, make matcha with 90C hot water, without making the paste first in small quantity.

*if you do not have matcha tea whisk made with bamboo, mix the suggested amount in a stainless cocktail shaker.  Put the ingredients in the shaker, add one tea spoon of cold water, mix well with tea spoon and get rid of any clumps as much, add 40ml of warm water (*try not to use boiling hot water as shaker will pop open with the air pressure when shaking), and wrap the shaker with a kitchen towel, shake for apps. 30 sec to mix well.  You can add a little sugar or milk to your taste, though this is very unconventional, but, tea au lait made with superior kind of Matcha like you get here, you will see how different it tastes and looks!!  Should work fine if you want a quick morning shot of matcha.

20g pack - $20.00