Kanbei - Guri cha by Kirei en, origin: Ishitobi, Kumamoto


Kanbei - Guri cha by Kirei en, origin: Ishitobi, Kumamoto

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Name: kanbei

Variety: Guri cha

Origin: Ishitobi, Kumamoto

tea maker: Yoichi Nonen (Kirei en)

Harvest: 2016

Powerful green, rich in tannin, balanced umami, fresh finish.  Combined finish of steaming and roasting gives a nicely balanced flavor of earthy minerals and strong tannin.  Robust and pungent.  Nice everyday tea, will even go well with a rich French meal.  When you are craving a digestif after your meal, that's when you could really enjoy this tea.  It's like a chalky single malt or smokey burbon of green teas.



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Color of the brew is dark golden yellow, rich in texture.  Just like you would treat your single malt, you can have plain water on the side to cleanse your palate afterward, before your second sip.  It is hard to find the tea of this kind these days.  Experience the 100 year of tea making and drinking tradition from the mountain of Kumamoto in Ishitobi region.  

best result for serving 3 -5 people:

5g (2 lightheaping teaspoon ) with 240 ml 

1st infusion : at 80C for 1 min

2nd infusion : at 85C for 30 sec

3rd infusion : at 90C for 20 sec

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50g pack - $13

100g pack - $20