yoshino - sencha (asamushi, light steaming finish)


yoshino - sencha (asamushi, light steaming finish)

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Name: Yoshino

Variety: sencha

Origin: Susubaru, Kumamoto

Tea maker: Yukio Yoshino

Harvest: 2015

Plant variety: Yabukita

Slightly lighter green leaves as these are first flush of the season.  Soft tannin with citrus undertone, slight mint on the nose, short finish with balanced umami and sweetness.  Classic sencha with short steaming finish.  Color of the brew is green to golden yellow. 


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Though it's made with Yabukita variety, the most popular plant variety, as it's grown in the mountainous region with rich soil of mountain side of Minamata, it gives the rich mineral overtone to mark the origin. 

Brewing suggestion:

best result for serving 3 -5 people:

5g (2 lightheaping teaspoon ) with 240 ml 

1st infusion : at 80C for 1 min

2nd infusion : at 85C for 30 sec

3rd infusion : at 90C for 20 sec