Yoshitsune Superieur - Gyokuro, origin: Uji, Kyoto


Yoshitsune Superieur - Gyokuro, origin: Uji, Kyoto

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Name: Yoshitsune

Variety: Gyokuro

Origin: Uji, Kyoto

Tea maker: undisclosed

Harvest: 2014

Powerful green, masculine look of dark green thick needle like tea leaves.  Mature green scent, balanced yet rich umami and sweetness.  Roll on your tongue and feel the honey like texture envelope your palate.  It's a classic gyokuro as oppose to new trendy Yame Gyokuro from the south.   Sit down at the begining of your special gathering with your special friends, start the evening with this tea to stimulate your palate with rich cafeine and umami to prepare you for the meal.

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Transfer the tea into your favorite tea canister tin made, or ceramic made that keeps away from the moisture and sunlight.  This tea only gets better overtime, it matures in time up to 1 year.  Enjoy as the tea evolves in taste and scent.

For best result:

10 g /80 ml water  *serves about 4 to 5 cups of 10 ml servings each brew

1st infusion : at 50C brew for 3minutes  each serving at 10ml

2nd infusion : at 60C brew for 1 minutes 

3rd infusion : at 70C brew for 1 minutes

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