Hana - Icho (bihakko mixed with tea flower)


Hana - Icho (bihakko mixed with tea flower)

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Name: Hana

Variety: Icho (bi hakko mixed with tea flower)

Origin: Iruma, Saitama

Tea maker: Yoshiaki Hiruma

Harvest: flower : autumn 2010, teas : 2009,2010 

*matured in cold storage

Plant variety: Sayamakaori

Sensational mixed tea from Hiruma-san!! Tea leaves with camelia flowers from the very same tea plants are mixed to produce sweet lily fragrance on the nose with a hint of pear and soft Moroccan mint. Earthy umami with a short clean finish on the pallate.   Seductive lily orchid fragrance lingers long after finishing.  Hiruma-san's  tea flowers  harvested in the autumn last year are processed with heat and light to preserve their beauty and fragrance, and then blended with this year's first flush Sayamamidori leaves.  


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This is a fragrant tea but best to brew at 85C first to bring out the sweetness as well as the pungent fragrance.  Powerful and seductive, once you experience this tea, you will never forget.  When you want to be inspired, this is the tea that lift your spirit.  Sweet and seductive embrace by the powerful aroma of lily and wild orchid.  

Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 5g (2 tea spoon) tea with 240 ml water

1st infusion: at 85C  for 1 min    

2nd infusion: at 90 C for  30 sec

3rd infusion:  at 90 C for 30 sec