Yume - Icho (bihakko fukamushi)


Yume - Icho (bihakko fukamushi)

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Name: Yume

Variety: Icho (bi hakko fukamushi)

Origin: Iruma, Saitama

Tea maker: Yoshiaki Hiruma

Harvest: spring 2015

Plant variety: Yumewakaba

Yumewakaba naturally has rich fragrant overtones of orchid as well as balanced hints of tannin and umami as well.  The Fukamushi finishing process used for making to this fragrant tea  yields a bright green brew. Rich orchid on the nose, gradually openning up to give a fresh green taste with a touch of bitterness and hint of mint on the palate. A clean finish with slight acidity.  Very sophiscated super icho by tea artist Hiruma-san.


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This is a fragrant tea and usually reuires high temperature to brew.  But, as this is done with deep steaming finish, best to employ sencha brewing method at slighter lower temperature.

Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 5g (2 tea spoon) tea with 240 ml water

1st infusion: at 85C  for 1 min    

2nd infusion: at 90 C for  30 sec

3rd infusion:  at 90 C for 30 sec