Yama no Sachi - Icho (bihakko kamairi) *all process done by hand.


Yama no Sachi - Icho (bihakko kamairi) *all process done by hand.

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Name: Yama no sachi

Variety: Icho (bi hakko kamairi) *hand picked, hand wilted, hand roasted.

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki

Tea maker: Akira Miyazaki

Harvest: 2016

Plant variety: Zairai (native)

Wild bunch!!  Abundant mixed wild fruit on the nose, honey roasted nuts and earthy mineral  in the background, long finish with sweet wild greens  Clean and quick on the pallate with a long and rich impression on the nose and many layers of aroma. Thanks to the uneven, wild unsorted zairai (native tea plants) from Gokase, the high mountainous region of Miyazaki, you taste all there is in the mountain, nurtured by the rich soil, abundant sun, and mineral rich water.  It's a hardy natural beauty.

**Sold out*** 2015 version will become available in July 2015  See you next year!!!

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This is definitely a fragrant tea.  Infuse with high temperature.  Water color is inbetween amber to golden yellow.  Taste rather soft, but, that's kamairi tea that people of this island drinks all day long with sometime salty savory accompaniment, like pickles and peanuts.

Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (2 heaping tea spoon) tea with 150ml water

1st infusion: at 100 C  for 1 1/2 min    

2nd infusion: at 100 C for 1 1/2 min    

3rd infusion:  at 100 C for 1 1/2 min