Oshiroi - kamairi (made for competition)


Oshiroi - kamairi (made for competition)

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Name: Oshiroi

Variety: Kamairi *made for competition

Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki 

Tea maker: Yoichiro Koorogi

Harvest: 2014

Plant Variety: Gokasemidori

Beautiful leaves with a white powderlike coverage to suggest the high quality of leaves, trace of white dusting of dawny hair is a true sign of tea makers' masterful touch to the tea.  Water color is clear with little bit of greenish golden yellow.  Soft of the nose with slight flowery green with hint of roast in the background.  Very soft and elegant finish.

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Koorogi has prepared this with first flush from his best lot of teas in his orchard, and this year, he covered the plant for 2 weeks to add color and umami.  This is a rare opportunity to taste his creation.  His competition pieces rarely comes available in the market.  This is the kind of tea you would just want to save it for a special occasion to sip with your special company.

Brewing suggestion:

2 g per person/serving tea leaves / about 1 heaping tea spoon with 80 ml at 85C for 1 min 

(for serving 3-5 people/servings)

5 g /2 teaspoon with 240 ml hot water at 85 C

1st infusion : at 85 C for 1 min

2nd infusion : at 90 C for 30 sec

3rd infusion : at 90 C for 30 sec