Our Pop-Up Store project in NDG completed today!!  Thank you so much for coming.  And see you soon at the next event!

Cha Do Raku Pop-up store - 12days in Montreal

June 1-June 18
10am - 3pm

Free tea tasting offered at 11am, 12pm and 13:30pm on Sundays!!

So Cha Do Raku is opening up her POP up store just for 3 weeks in June, thanks to the great generosity of Mr. Endo, the chef and the owner of a quaint Japanese restaurant which offers incredible Kaiseki (formal meal offered as part of the Japanese tea ceremony) style dinner. We share the same uncompromising passion for quality, thus, he has agreed to share his space for my project. Store will operate outside of the restaurant's opening hours. It will open on June 1st Sunday through June 18th (Sunday through Wednesday, 10am-3pm). I will be offering 5$ tea learning menu, which consists of a pot of tea served with a small tea accompaniment to go with the tea. There also will be a $5 packet of loose teas from the collection available for purchase. Original Hoji cha made on the spot will be part of the menu as well. It's just an opportunity to get to know Cha Do Raku in person. And... a chance to get to know you!!! At the end of this Pop up store project, all the tea wares used will be made available for purchase. Test my tea ware and if you like it, you may be able to buy the same or at least you will learn the tips to select your tools. 90% of my tea wares are Arita/Imari this time. Fun design and user friendly! Just another example of great Kyushu beauty and hospitality.

Here is where and when it would take place. Hope some of you in town can make it!!!

Those of you signed up for the workshop event, I will give out a store coupon at the event. See you there, and at the store as well!!!

5887 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, QC H4A1X7
(shared space with Jardin Iwaki)
Cha Do Raku : tel: 514 572 5983

6/1 (Sun), 6/2 (Mon), 6/3 (Tues), 6/4 (Wed)
6/8 (Sun), 6/9 (Mon), 6/10 (Tues), 6/11 (Wed)
6/15 (Sun) completed.

10:00am - 15:00pm 

**Hours may change.

**If you have question on Cha Do Raku poo up store please call 514 572 5983, please respect that this is a temporally arrangement thanks to Mr Endo. I am so so grateful for his professional mentorship. Thank you very much Endo san!!