This is out new selection to cater to those who would like a break from the caffeine, so these selection of teas provide low to no caffeine option.  We are looking to add more flower teas that are grown in pesticide free natural environment also.  Stay tuned for more to be added as spring approaches in Asia.


We have added Gyokuro from Uji, Kyoto as well as classic sencha from Kumamoto.  We just could not resist the very traditional beauty.  We also learned that the very scent Uji teas express is from aging, they called it Hine ka, scent of maturity.  As oppose to rest of Japan's fever over freshness of green tea, Kyoto quietly admires the maturity of teas.  Along the trip, we could not resist purchasing some of the classic sencha from top tea producing region.  Several sencha from this year's first flush established tea makers in Kawane, Shizuoka and Susubaru, Kumamoto along with Uji gyokuro will be added to the collection as soon as it's processed for presentation in a week or so.

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all time favorites

We did the touring across Japan for the hunt for the best tea, and still, there were few that we just can get enough of.  We added more stock of our favourites, just to share with you new members and with you who share the same sentiment for our favourites.


On this trip, in addition to tea makers follow traditional method, I met some of the rising stars among many innovative tea makers experimenting new teas.  What caught my attention most was this new genre called Icho.  It’s an old Chinese method of fermenting combined with Japanese sensibility of balancing slight tannin and acidity.  This combination opens to infinite possibility to Japanese teas!!!  It had to emerge from the communication and team work of traditional tea maker with daring new tea farmer, and the result is just fascinating new tea that only found in Japan.  

Japanese tea makers are revisiting this technique in search for the future of tea beyond tradition.  We devided this group into 3 by degree of oxidation and by finishing technique employed.

bihakko sencha, icho sencha finish

teas made with moderate oxidation and steaming 

bihakko = light oxidation 

hakko = oxidation

kamairi = roasting finish

fukamushi = deep steaming finish

asamushi = light steaming finish

wakocha = japanese black tea /amber finish

Teas of Taiwan

Lies just south of Japan, and having shared a part of history with Japan, Taiwanese teas evokes "natsukashii" feeling in their exotic fermented teas.  Teas from Taiwan are mostly produced for domestic consumption, so some are very hard to find overseas.  

Tea ware 

Fun with matcha

Here are some items to make your matcha time accessible.  Start with something fun and easy, work your way up to Oribe, Shino, MIno and all.  Check our our FUN WITH MATHCA series, and see if you can find something you like here!!  Happy tea time!

Remember to store your tea properly!

Now you got your favourite tea, but, you can not possibly finish your 50 or 100 g teas you just purchased..... . It is very important you store your tea properly to avoid oxidation.  Yes, some teas are capable of aging nicely in cared free storage... but you need the right environment for that... so for those of us, who live a life of modern heater, air conditioning or kitchen with full of flavours... that may affect teas that you just purchased... So get yourself a tea container with double sealing.  How about start your tea storage experience with friendly chakan that comes in blue or red.  I use these to store a few of my current favourites.  I go through the contents in a week of so.  I then will be ready to switch to the new tea to put in.

Kyusu tea pot