Da ye oolong by Ming He


Da ye oolong by Ming He

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Name: Da ye oolong by Ming He

Variety: Oolong

Origin: Rui sui, Taiwan

Tea maker: Ming He tea garden

Harvest: 2015

Plant variety: Da ye (high mountain tea)

Da ye is the kind of tea leaves best suited to make honey black tea.  So Ming He harvest the late harvest Da Ye and made it into oolong.  Result is this very fragrant powerfully floral and green oolong.  Nice afternoon break to relieve your stress from work, the powerful floral aroma will transport you briefly off the reality.  Enjoy meditating with this powerful aromatic tea!

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Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (2 tea spoon) tea with 200ml water

1st infusion: Just rinse with 100C hot water at 10-15 sec to wake up the tea leaves.  Discard to the tea liquor. 

2nd infusion on (up to 3 or 4  times or more): at 100 C for 2 min