Honey black tea by Lien chi


Honey black tea by Lien chi

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Name: Honey black tea by Lien Chi

Variety: Black tea

Origin: Lu ye, Taiwan

Tea maker: Lien Chi tea garden

Harvest: 2014

Plant variety: blend

Owner of the Lien Chi tea garden is a very talented tea maker.  Descended from the generation of tea makers in the south west region of Taiwan, and inherited her late husband's technique, she is looked up as a champion of red oolong from all tea makers in Tai tung province, and creates unique teas of her own.  Her red oolong is, without doubt, the best in the region.  This honey black tea is quite different from the one from Rui SuiLien Chi's version has undertone of Assam black tea with bit of cinnamon on the nose.  Yet it has unmistakable overtone of sweet and wild honey scent.  Her roasting technique is superb, that the color and the slight touch of toasty aroma is just a nice addition to bring us back to our comfort zone with black tea.

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Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (2 tea spoon) tea with 200ml water

1st infusion: Just rinse with 100C hot water at 10-15 sec to wake up the tea leaves.  Discard to the tea liquor. 

2nd infusion on (up to 3 or 4  times or more): at 100 C for 3 min