Honey Black Tea - Silver Label from Rui Sui by Jia Ming


Honey Black Tea - Silver Label from Rui Sui by Jia Ming

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Name: Honey Black Tea from Rui Sui

Variety: Black Tea

Origin: Rui Sui, Taiwan

Tea maker: Jia Ming Tea Garden (creator of honey black tea)

Harvest: 2015 spring

You may have seen or tasted honey black teas from Taiwan, but, this is truly amazing!!! The owner of this farm has been making this black tea for generations, and he has won gold prizes many times.  And what more is that the owner of this tea farm is the one first created this honey black tea.  Although my favorite still is the honey black by Ming He tea garden, this tea maker makes the one with just enough kick of bitterness to be unique.  There is a depth to the sweetness in Jia Ming's honey black tea, especially this gold prize winning one.  The price for the gold prize went up twice the last year.  If you can not buy bulk, just come to my tea house sit down with your friend to share a pot as a treat!!!  I was introduced to the farm by Taitun tea research institute as one of the best in the region for this particular kind of black tea. This really has Honey like aroma, and does not require at all any addition of sugar or milk.  The brew has strong flowery and honey like sweet flavor.  Very complex, many layered sweetness and richness, with undertone of slight slight tannin to accentuate the sweetness of this tea.  You need to taste this to experience this orgasmic tasting experience with this amazing honey black tea from this tropical tea making region of Taiwan. 


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