Red Oolong - Gold label - from Lu Ye


Red Oolong - Gold label - from Lu Ye

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Name: Gold Label Red Oolong from Lu Ye

Variety: Red Oolong

Origin: Lu Ye, Taiwan

Tea maker: Lien Chi Tea Garden

Harvest: 2015 spring

Impecable red oolong!!! Beautifully rolled and roasted slightly reddish tea leaves.  Tea liquer is nice dark red almost like black tea, with slight hint of honey, with undertone of sweet dark roast, just enough to add to the sweetness of the tea.  Soft on the palate very well balanced, very sophisticated oolong that give you at least 8 infusions easily changing its flavour at each infusion.

Lien Chi is regarded widely as a master of oolong tea rolling in the region.  Originally from Nantou region, where most highly prized high mountain oolong is made, she and her husband runs this old tea house with tradition and dignity.  I sat down with her, with my broken chiense, I conversed with her to convey what I was searching for.  She asked me what kind of tea I was looking for, I said unique and extraordinary.  She smiled and pulled out a few kinds.  I liked them all, but, this one was just exceptional.  Red oolong is the region's unique product.  They grow "milk oolong" Jing Xuan tea plant variety, with the touch of master tea maker to wilt and ferment like black tea, but rolled and roasted like oolong.  Bit more roasting than other parts of Taiwan.  Result is this very complex black tea like oolong with sweet caramel like tea.  Tea liquer is like reddish amber color, slight honey and fruity undertone with rich buttery flavor.  Red oolong make you feel warm, so perfect for rainy autumn or winter night.  

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