Red Oolong - Lien Ji's special edition


Red Oolong - Lien Ji's special edition

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Name: Red Oolong - Lien Ji's special edition

Variety: Red Oolong

Origin: Lu Ye, Taiwan

Tea maker:  Lien Ji

Harvest: 2016

Master of red oolong, native of Nantou, came to Lu Ye, Taitung following her husband, passionate tea maker worked to find the finest oolong collaborating research with Taitung tea institute, created this unique oolong that is complex and share the sweetness and fragrant characteristics of black tea, after her husband's death, she continues her passion for tea.  

She continues to be the leader of red oolong making, and continues to win gold prize for her red oolong tea.  I have been asking her to reserve some gold prize red oolong... but, I am yet to purchase this years.  I am going and knock on her door in July and see if she saved some for me.  But, this version that she made just for fun she said, las Novermber with her rich autumns harvest, it's very satisfying.  

Wake up the tea with 100C empty at 5 to 10 sec.  And pour 95C infuse for 1 1/2 min, the pique is light bright clear amber colour resembling that of black tea, nice earthy note with undertone of sweet orchid, well balanced sweet and earthy note.  No acidity or bitterness, just very gentle yet sophisticated oolong tea.  Pleasant for nice rainy day to relax and or with your favourite book to sit by the window.

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