White Peony Tea from Rui Sui


White Peony Tea from Rui Sui

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Name: White Peony Tea from Rui Sui

Variety: Taiwanese White Tea

Origin: Rui Sui, Taiwan

Tea maker:  Fu Yuan tea garden

Harvest: 2016

As I was expecting soft flavor of white tea, the pungent fragrance and the taste took me by surprise, though was a pleasant one.  It has a very fruity and sweet lily like aroma with a undertone of mild mustard.  Tthe tea leaves are extremely beautiful to look at.  Golden tea brew with sweet aroma is just a nice treat when you need some nice cheerful tea moment.  This tea cools you, so would be a nice tea if you are feeling a little feverish.  The grand mother of the tea house is from the generation who had gone though Japanese rule and education, spoke nice gentle old Japanese.  It was very refreshing to hear such a gentle spoken Japanese. 

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Brewing suggestion:

Brew with: 3g (2 heaping tea spoon) tea with 200ml water

1st infusion: at 95 C rinse quickly, keep the tea water if you like to add.  But, has bit sharpness, just add a little to the other brew... But, has nice aroma.    

2nd infusion on (up to 5 times or more): at 95 C for 2 1/2 min