Sobacha by Gamako an


Sobacha by Gamako an

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Name: Sobacha (roasted buckwheat tea) by Gamako an

Variety: Tisane

Origin: Kirishima, Miyazaki, Japan

Tea maker: Gamako an

Harvest: 2014

Plant variety: buckwheat grain, stems and flower

Roasted buckwheat tea is one of the most common non caffeinated option of tea drunk in Japan, widely available in the market nowadays.  However, this one is a bit unique.  Gamako an is a local soba (buckwheat noodle) shop in the high mountain area of Kirishima, sits at the southern border of Miyazaki and Kagoshima.  Soil has lots of mineral, so are the plants grown there.  Gamako an roasted the young buckwheat grain and the plant and flowers as well, roasted and blended to make this tea.  As he cut the roasted buckwheat grain, first brew is like a milky toasty tea, sweet and nutty.  Second brew is nice and clear yet with gentle roasted grain flavor and aroma.  Very unique.  But, this is you like or hate it, kind of tea.  

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Brewing suggestion:
For serving 3-5 people/servings:
3 g /2 teaspoon with 240 ml hot water at 95 - 100C
1st infusion : at 100C for 30sec
2nd infusion : at 100 C for 1min
3rd infusion : at 100 C for 1min