Wild wild east


Wild wild east

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Name: Wild wild east

Variety: Tisane

Origin: Kirishima, Miyazaki, Japan

Tea maker: Gamako an

Harvest: 2015

Plant variety: blend of mountain wild herbs and berries

Roasted mountain herbs are the tisane of old days. taste of grand mother's tea.  Some are medicinal, so you take it from time to time, not everyday.  Grand mother's wisdom, take it moderately, mix with other things.  Visit occasionally, that's the level of relationship you want to maintain with this tea.  It's very nice, mixture of flavor, mostly toasty nutty flavor of wild berries and herbs and plants, but, you always want another mug of this.  Stop it there, and come back in a few days... And sometime, break a small piece of cinnamon if you have in your spice cabinet, add some to the tea to brew, you even want more like this.  Try it!!  No caffeine, so it would be a nice caffeine free option to your tea collection.

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Brewing suggestion:
For serving 3-5 people/servings:
3 g /2 teaspoon with 240 ml hot water at 95 - 100C
1st infusion : at 100C for 1 1/2
2nd infusion : at 100 C for 1min
3rd infusion : at 100 C for 1min